Update and diet Wipeout

Hi all,

A quick update on my 4 Cycle Solution diet and I am really disappointed to say I totally wipedout!

Ok, it wasn’t all my fault. I got quite unwell (which is why you havent heard from me), and I honestly got to a point where I just needed to have a ‘proper’ meal (and of course some Lucozade). So I ended up saying goodbye to my meal schedule that I had set up and went back to eating ‘normally’.

So, I have given myself a new start date and that is Monday 21st of October, I plan to restart the 4 Cycle Solution and this time, hoping all goes well and I don’t get ill in the first week again, I plan to stick it out.


So I’ll be posting on Monday to let you know I’ve started and this time I’ll try to be more frequent with the posts.

Take care.


Rebooting my fitness: The 4 Cycle solution and Challenge burpee programs

So my youngest daughter is about to turn 1 years old so I thought it is a good time to reboot my fitness. Now I’ve been on and off with various workout programs but I really wanted to try something different and challenging with the hope of seeing it through.

So I have purchased two programs a couple days ago: The 4 Cycle solution by Shaun HadsallĀ and Challenge burpee by Shawna Kaminski.

So I have a diet program and a workout program. The 4 cycle solution is all about finding a new dieting pattern to control your carbohydrate intake. The first 7 days though are quite lethal….I’m only on day 1 and I’m absolutely knackered, as well as missing my usual dinner and after dinner snacks!! I haven’t even bothered starting the burpee challenges today but I am determined to give it all a go.

My first impression on the burpee program was not good, I had expected something different, but like I said I am willing to give it a go and see what improvements it can make to my fitness. I’m really stumped with the burpee pull-up though as I can’t do pull-ups (yet!!), but I guess it a bit of motivation for me to get to grips with doing a pull-up. For now though she does have alternatives to the pull-up to add to the burpee.

So please forgive me if I don’t get around to posting any new freecell games, but I will try to keep them up while I diet. I also plan to post about how this is all going for me and use it as an incentive….hopefully some motivation to anyone wishing to try also…if this does make any significant changes in my physique.

So I look forward to updating you all (hopefully with some good news).